What are the three stages of discipleship? (2023)

What are the stages of discipleship?

5 STAGES of the Discipleship Journey
  • The Spiritual Seeker. You are not sure about God, but you are exploring, asking the big Questions about life and its meaning. ...
  • The New Disciple. You believe in Jesus, and have turned back to God. ...
  • The Growing Disciple. ...
  • The Mature Disciple. ...
  • 100% like Jesus.
13 Sept 2021

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What are the 3 aspects of discipleship?

Notice the three key characteristics of a disciple: He/she follows Jesus. He/she is being changed by Jesus. He/she is committed to the mission of Jesus.

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What is the first stage of discipleship?

1. “Come and See” Phase: John 1:39–4:46. The first phase of the journey to make disciple makers begins with Jesus' baptism by John at the Jordan river, likely in the year 26 A.D. (C.E.) The Gospel of John provides a good picture for us. John describes the day after Jesus' baptism.

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What are the 3 ways of becoming an effective disciple?

Here are 3 ways to become a better disciple:
  • 1) Know The Faith. Faith is the foundation of discipleship. ...
  • 2) Put God First. Your love and attachment to Him must be greater than any other. ...
  • 3) Abandon Selfishness. Discipleship involves making a daily effort to overcome selfish desires and ambitions.
3 Aug 2018

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What are the 4 basics of discipleship?

4 Basics of Discipleship
  • We Share the Word. We speak about the gospel as we live according to the gospel. ...
  • We Show the Word. Once we share the Word and people put their faith in Christ, we baptize them. ...
  • We Teach the Word. ...
  • We Serve the World.

(kevin skidmore)
What are the key elements of discipleship?

The components of the Great Commission are as follows:
  • Adopt the missional component – go.
  • Adopt the directional component – make disciples (followers).
  • Adopt the influential component – influence all cultures with Christ.
  • Adopt the salvation component – all people can have a relationship with Jesus.
20 Nov 2019

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What are the 5 principles of discipleship?

5 Principles of Discipleship from Colossians 1:28-29
  • The Heart of Discipleship: Proclaiming Jesus. ...
  • The Means of Discipleship: Teaching and Warning With Wisdom. ...
  • The Goal of Discipleship: To Present Everyone Mature in Christ. ...
  • The Cost of Discipleship: Toil and Struggle. ...
  • The Power of Discipleship: His Energy.

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What is the core of discipleship?

A Discipleship Core is a group consisting of 4-8 people who meet weekly for an intentional season of discovery, reflection and practice in following Jesus. Those who participate in the Discipleship- Core are seeking a next level of accountability in a bounded cluster of community.

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What is the main goal of discipleship?

The goal of discipleship is Christlikeness in character and behavior. Christ teaches that there are specific ways in which this change happens: 1. “By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another” (John 13:35).

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What is the main purpose of discipleship?

In summary, discipleship is teaching and fellowship among disciples with the goal of helping each other become more like Christ. It is important that we have discipleship in our lives as, without it, we can't grow in our faith walk and help build a positive community.

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What is the journey of discipleship?

A Discipleship Journey is a resource created to equip followers of Jesus to grow spiritually while being empowered to make disciples that make disciple makers.

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What are the two importance of discipleship?

Why is discipleship important? Discipleship is important because we want people to become fully committed followers of Christ. Discipleship helps believers to grow in their faith, to grow in maturity and wisdom, and build their faith on a strong foundation so that they can then disciple and lead others towards Christ.

What are the three stages of discipleship? (2023)
What are the qualities of true discipleship?

Qualities of a true disciple of Jesus
  • Love for the enemies especially those who persecute them.
  • Are ready to learn before they can be teachers.
  • Not to judge nor condemn others.
  • To bless those who mistreat them.
  • Pray for those who mistreat them.
  • To forgive and hey will be forgiven.
  • Hear and obey the words of the Lord.
30 Sept 2021

What are the 7 characteristics of discipleship?

They are:
  • Introducing others to Jesus. ...
  • Praying: our primary work. ...
  • Stewarding resources generously. ...
  • Knowing & Obeying God's Word. ...
  • Completing the Great Commission. ...
  • Depending on the Holy Spirit's empowering. ...
  • Taking Faith-Filled risks.

What are the five stages of spiritual growth?

Let's explore each of these stages in greater detail.
  • Glimpsing Spirit: The Call to Adventure. ...
  • Closer Examination: Choosing a Path. ...
  • Seeking: Following the Path. ...
  • Loss of Sight: Losing the Path. ...
  • Seeing: Merging with the Path.
1 Dec 2010

What makes a believer a disciple?

Webster's definition of a disciple is "a pupil or follower of any teacher or school."[i] A true disciple is not just a student or a learner, but a follower: one who applies what he has learned. Thus, a true disciple will ask, "What would Jesus do?"

What are the 3 faith stages?

Stage 1 – Intuitive-Projective Faith, Stage 2 – Mythic Literal Faith, Stage 3 – Synthetic-Conventional Faith, Stage 4 – Individuative-Reflective Faith, Stage 5 – Conjunctive Faith and Stage 6 – Universalizing Faith.

What are the 3 elements of spirituality?

The shamans, healers, sages, and wisdom keepers of all times, all continents, and all peoples, in their ageless wisdom, say that human spirituality is composed of three aspects: relationships, values, and life purpose.

What are the three faith stages?

He identified these three stages as Theological, metaphysical and positive.

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