Why did jen carfagno change time slots? (2023)

What happened to Jen Carfagno Weather Channel?

Luckily, Jen isn't leaving The Weather Channel. In fact, her most recent Instagram posts show her alongside meteorologist Tevin Wooten hosting America's Morning Headquarters on The Weather Channel. But it looks like she also recently took a vacation. In a few Instagram posts, she's seen enjoying herself at the beach.

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Did Stephanie Abrams leave the Weather Channel?

Stephanie Abrams (born October 27, 1978) is an American television meteorologist who has worked for The Weather Channel (TWC) since 2003. She currently co-hosts AMHQ with Jen Carfagno and Jim Cantore early weekday mornings. Wellington, Florida, U.S.

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Does Jim Cantore have a wife?

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What happened to Jennifer Delgado?

Jennifer was 8 years old when was fatally stabbed on June 7, 1988, while she was with her mother at a laundromat on Westrock Drive.

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Who is the new weather Channel girl?

Molly McCollum (@wxmolly) • Instagram photos and videos.

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Where does Sam Champion work now?

After leaving NBC and the Weather Channel in 2016, he returned to ABC on a fill-in basis and returned to become the weekday morning and noon weather anchor at WABC-TV in June 2019.

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Who is Mike Bettes married to now?

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What happened to Molly McCollum?

Former CBS46 meteorologist Molly McCollum has landed a full-time job at The Weather Channel. She had been working part time there since mid-2021.

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Who were the original weather Channel meteorologists?

The channel's three original on-camera weather presenters were Paola Elorza, Sal Morales, and Mari Carmen Ramos; all three left the channel within a year of its launch and respectively went on to work for Univision in Miami, Telemundo in Los Angeles, and CNN International in Atlanta.

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Is Tevin Wooten still on The Weather Channel?

Wooten has been an on-camera meteorologist for The Weather Channel television network in Atlanta since 2018. He holds a broadcast journalism degree from the University of Arkansas and a meteorology degree from Florida State University.

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Who is Neil McGillis?

Neil McGillis - Head of Global Weather Solutions - The Weather Company, an IBM Business | LinkedIn.

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